Polishing Pads in Quantity of 5 | Keep Your Personalized Piece Looking Fresh

These polishing pads are just what you need to keep your personalized creation looking it's best! These 2 inch square pads are pre-treated and are great for polishing or removing oxidation. The pads are tight-bond cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives.

To Use: Rub the pad firmly over your silver or copper pendants to remove the dark coloring. You can use these pads until they are dark grey on both sides and then it is time to toss it and use a new one. Make sure the piece you are polishing is completely dry (if you get these pads wet, they get gooey and weird!).

Note: For copper pendants, using 000 or 0000 fine steel wool first to remove the dark coloring, and then polish up with one of these polishing pads!