Custom Skinny Cuff Bracelet | Couples Initials, Custom Quote, Family Bracelet, Name Bracelet, Mommy Bracelet

These personalized skinny cuff bracelets are so easy to customize and are perfect for stacking!  The bracelets come in either Nu Gold (a brass alloy that has been specially formulated for jewelry) or sterling silver.  
The Nu Gold has a rich warm color and resembles gold without the high cost of gold. Nu Gold contains 85% copper and 15% zinc and is nickel free.

This custom bracelet is hand stamped by one of us with your choice of words, initials, names, or dates. We can fit up to 40 characters including spaces and punctuation! This bracelet is 1/8" wide.
Instructions for Check-Out:
1. Leave the below information in the customization box prior to adding this item to your cart
- Your choice of words, initials, names or dates to be stamped on bracelet (up to 40 characters)