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If you are like me, you struggle every year to find the perfect gift for Grandma at Christmas time, her birthday, and Mother's Day.  After so many years of collecting and receiving gifts, I struggle to find something unique that I know she will use and wear.  That's what makes one of our necklaces or keychains the perfect gift.  Grandma's love to proudly display the names of their grandchildren, and our beautiful sterling silver pieces are meant to be worn daily as her staple piece of jewelry.  Check out our favorites for Grandma and Great Grandma!

1.  3 Disc Stacked Grandma Necklace with Tree of Life Charm

This necklace can fit 2 names on the bottom disc, 2 names on the middle disc, and a third name on the top disc.  This example shows the top disc with "memaw" but you could customize this to say "grandma", "great grandma", "yaya", "nana", etc...you get the idea!


2. A Grandchild Fills Your Heart Necklace with 1 Name & Birthstone

This one is great for the new grandma!


3. Grandma's Bragging Keychain

We can fit up to four names on this sweet little keychain, and can customize the center with your name for Grandma!


4. Great Grandma Necklace with Baby Feet Charm

This one is great for Great Grandma with too many names to fit! :)


We have so many fun fonts to choose from.  Click here to see some samples of each font!

See more ideas for Grandma by clicking here!


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